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~Podcast Info~

Global Rollers started as a group of D&D players pulled from PbP discord games and my husband (an old tabletop D&D player and I strong-armed him into trying it on discord). We started as a group of six but wanted to try something a bit different: Co-DMing.

A few of us were interested in DMing, but didn’t necessarily want to do it full time. After some serious discussion, we decided to give co-DMing a shot. This way, we could maintain a character in the story even while we were DMing. Our character would sit back a bit while we were DMing and let the rest of the group do the heavy lifting on problem solving, etc. Luckily, neither of our characters were the major ones for perception or investigation. So it worked. Nearly two years later, at the end of our first campaign, I think it’s a success.

For our first campaign, we would alternate chapters in the modules we were running. We used the honor system and promised not to look at chapters that weren’t ours to run. My co-DM and I would collaborate on big plot points and hash out some transitioning issues, but over all, it’s been pretty smooth.

It’s helped a lot that my co-DM and I are like two peas in a pod when it comes to storylines and plot. It’s been very rewarding for me as a DM and as a player and I now consider him a very good friend. For the fun of it, we decided to record our final session for our Campaign 1 which you can listen to. I really wish we’d thought to record the Halaster fight because it was even more epic, I think.

We learned a lot from the first campaign and carried those lessons forward into Campaign 2 which started in late December 2020 and is taking place in Exandria. This time, we're each running our own modules. We collaborate on transition points based on the players’ decisions. But like any good D&D game, there’s generally more than one ‘quest’ going on. Also, our long play time together has given us, as co-DMs, the confidence to have the other DM run our character in combats to reduce some stress (e.g. ok, that’s the monster’s actions, oh crap, now what does MY character do?).

It wouldn’t work for everyone but it’s working for us and that’s all that matters. What started as just some like minded people who wanted to get into a real, weekly game with the same people each week has become a group of friends who support each other through this fantastic gaming medium called Dungeons & Dragons.


Lyvia [campaign 1] and Ninala [campaign 2]
Twitter: @globalrollers

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